The real estate market can definitely be called one of the toughest spheres in marketing. First, because of the complexity and high cost of the product. Second, because of the extreme competition and diverse number of offers on the market, which makes customer acquisition cost — and total marketing expenses — very high. In these conditions, an effective real estate landing page is a must if you want to catch your potential customer.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page created specifically to accumulate traffic and push visitors to take a particular action — giving you their email addresses and phone number, signing up, or buying something. It can be a freestanding web page or a page on your website. You can create several landings to tailor them to a particular audience segment or carry out A/B-testing.

Who needs a landing page for real estate?

Basically, there are two types of real estate market players who need a landing page: developers and realtors or real estate agencies (Broker)

Real estate landing pages for developers / Real estate agencies (Broker)

93% of prospective home buyers start their search online, the NAR survey reveals.

Information sources used in home search

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The best real estate landing page is one that leads a person through all the stages.

In the discovery stage, a person comes across your real estate landing page. If it is attractive and catching, it leads visitors to the next step.

In the research stage, visitors take a closer look at your offer, the house or office, and company. If the landing page is informative enough, they can get more specific data right there. To answer common questions from potential customers, you can create a real estate chatbot for Facebook and integrate a chatbot subscription widget straight into your landing page.

Real estate landing pages for agents

According to an NAR survey, 87% of buyers bought and 92% of sellers sold their homes through a real estate agent or broker. Real estate agents understand the importance of effective digital marketing. 46.4% of real estate professionals say that their top marketing challenge is generating enough high-quality leads and 23.4% claim that converting their leads into business is the biggest challenge, Placester survey shows. Using a landing page will help you reduce the difficulty of these challenges with ease.

You can create your landing page for lead generation: add Arham Technology, Arham Group of the company will help you to create a website as per your requirement.

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